The problem with progress is it assumes that the current state is inadequate or incorrect. Worse, it assumes that the state being advanced toward is better. Progress or change for the sake of progress or change should never be a goal.

Evolution is an example of progressive process but it tends towards a functional homeostasis. Once that homeostasis is achieved, further change tends to be dysfunctional. We call it disease.

Technology is very progressive and will continue to be indefinitely. But morality shouldn’t be progressive. Ethics aren’t progressive. Rather, something is either moral or immoral, ethical or unethical. Morals don’t change, it’s just that most people alive today or at any point in human history lacked morals.

We shouldn’t usually use the word progress; change is the correct word. The word change doesn’t imply good or bad, just different. Many people can’t tell the difference between progress and regress or between building up or tearing down. Many times we won’t know the difference until it is late.


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