Are you a bigot? Probably.

If you’re like most people, your beliefs are unshakable, unquestionable, and probably wrong. You talk about being open-minded (a lot), but only when it comes to exploring new music or maybe new food. When it comes to religion, politics, economics, science, brand of bottled water – or most other beliefs which actually define you as a person, those beliefs which are integral to your sense of self and your identity – you’d sooner die than change your mind (regardless of facts, evidence, logic, or anything really).

You are a bigot.

You talk to people not to listen to their ideas, not to understand, but to tell them about the supremacy of your ideas, to signal your virtue, and to secretly make yourself feel smarter, more powerful, and more special than some dumb rube. The next time you see one your fellow bigots, you scoff at the rube’s ignorance and close-mindedness (the irony) and tell stories of their impenetrable beliefs that were resistant to your hateful axioms, your ad hominems, your shouting down, and your eye-rolling.


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