I would guess it takes about 7-10 times, on average, for someone to start ‘The Wave’ in a crowd at a game. Most try and fail to get it started at least 7 times before everyone catches on; then, it’s a huge success. Some people give up after four or five tries because they don’t know how many more it will take, or even if it will ever work at all. But others persist and become successful. The first several times they get excited about the prospect of how far it will go because some people join in but not enough to make it huge. But it keeps getting bigger until it catches on.

Of course, one person starting the wave won’t be successful without others’ involvement. I think that’s kind of how life works too.

Each of us are trying to start our own wave. We try four or five times; after a couple of times, things seem like they are going well, that we will be successful. Then we let doubt creep in, we feel alone, and we question how many more times we can keep trying to start it before we just sit back down, feeling like a fool.

But we can’t forget that others are counting on us to keep trying. Because they want to do The Wave too – but don’t have the courage to start it.


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