The moment you make any observation, you do not see the thing for what it is, you see the thing for what you need it to be. We all transfer some of ourselves onto the observation and our perception of it is formed in such a way to makes our brains feel comfortable. We are so good at this that we cannot be convinced that we have done it.

The deceit that one can observe any data objectively is responsible for most of the misunderstanding and error that happens in life. Science isn’t objective, data isn’t objective, judges aren’t objective – objectivity is a construct. We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we need it to be. We need it to exist in a way that confirms our understanding of the world in order to avoid cognitive dissonance. We reinterpret, reimagine, ignore, and invent reality in a never-ending effort to feel comfortable and see order where order may not exist actually exist. 

This doesn’t mean that objective reality doesn’t exist, just that you have to strive to see it in a way that might destroy your sense of self.


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