Most people make life too complicated.

Let’s say you have a goal. Good. But that’s not enough. Most goals are so onerous and grand that they are never accomplished. A goal is good, but subgoals are better.

A goal is a problem, like any other problem. How do you get there? How do you solve the problem? Those are the real questions. The creative thinking (and creative action) that can answers these questions requires breaking up something complex into its smaller parts

Take calculus. Calculus is really simple if you divide it up into a series of subgoal, subskills, or subroutines; work to master those smaller components and the rest follows easily.

Put another way, don’t try to perform surgery if you can’t tie a knot first, or build a cabinet if you don’t know how to use a saw, or pay off a mortgage if you don’t have a job, or get a date if you don’t know how to have a conversation.

Successful people usually have this one talent in common: the ability to see the parts for the whole and master them.


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