Fads prey on the human bias that new equals better. This idea is fueled by the belief that each generation is smarter than the last. People firmly believe in progress. “We have finally figured it out!” exclaims each generation after thousands of years of human struggle.

But new doesn’t always equal better.

Think about this: your ancestors were the cream of the crop. They existed and survived because they were better than the rest. Through trial and error they discovered the ideas which are most essential to human survival and those ideas rose to the top amid an infinite morass of competing but inferior ideas. It’s an age old struggle. It continues today.

Some new ideas will stand the test of time, eventually. But most new ideas are wrong. Almost all of them are wrong. Future generations will laugh at our stupidity just like we laugh at past stupidities.

Don’t get caught up in fads.

By fads I mean: postmodernism, behavioralism, frequentism, moral relativism, gender as a construct, outcome equity, scientism, addiction as disease, multiple regression modeling, statistical significance, alternative and complementary medicine, implicit bias, mumble rap, and all other such ilk.


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