Most people spend more time learning how to make excuses in life than doing anything. They learn it in school (‘it’s not my fault! She did it!’). They learn it from their parents (‘you’re picking on my child!’). They learn it in their communities (‘why doesn’t the government fix this problem?’).

People learn victimhood at an early age, from their parents and from society. Once engrained, victimhood is a difficult disease to conquer.

Meanwhile, successful people don’t dwell on their failures. They don’t care whose fault is. They learn a lesson – if there’s one to be learned. They improve or change their own behavior – if there is anything to change. They try again, if necessary, and again and again.

If something really is someone else’s fault, successful people recognize that and deal with it. It’s not about turning the other cheek or ignoring the impact that others may have on you. But you can’t let others stop you.

You are in control of your own life; you are in control of your own success and failure. Stop making excuses.


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