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Most people spend more time learning how to make excuses in life than doing anything. They learn it in school (‘it’s not my fault! She did it!’). They learn it from their parents (‘you’re picking on my child!’). They learn it in their communities (‘why doesn’t the government fix this problem?’). People learn victimhood at…


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If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying. Fear of failure is everything (that stifles creativity and greatness). Every valuable lesson was learned through failure. Every single one. It’s not all about failing in a safe environment, either. You have to actually fail. If something is worth striving for, it’s worth failing for; it often takes…


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Fads prey on the human bias that new equals better. This idea is fueled by the belief that each generation is smarter than the last. People firmly believe in progress. “We have finally figured it out!” exclaims each generation after thousands of years of human struggle. But new doesn’t always equal better. Think about this:…


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The moment you make any observation, you do not see the thing for what it is, you see the thing for what you need it to be. We all transfer some of ourselves onto the observation and our perception of it is formed in such a way to makes our brains feel comfortable. We are…


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I would guess it takes about 7-10 times, on average, for someone to start ‘The Wave’ in a crowd at a game. Most try and fail to get it started at least 7 times before everyone catches on; then, it’s a huge success. Some people give up after four or five tries because they don’t…


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Most people make life too complicated. Let’s say you have a goal. Good. But that’s not enough. Most goals are so onerous and grand that they are never accomplished. A goal is good, but subgoals are better. A goal is a problem, like any other problem. How do you get there? How do you solve…


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Life is defined by struggle. Overcoming obstacles and conquering challenges makes us feel fulfilled and “happy,” not because we have conquered, but because we are conquering. Happiness isn’t a destination or a state of being, it’s a journey, it’s kinetic. Nor is it something we choose, it’s something we strive after and work toward. Our…


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What’s the difference between light and darkness? You cannot shine darkness. Darkness cannot penetrate, it cannot drown out, it cannot overwhelm. You can only shine light. Light displaces darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist unless the light is covered. Light does not fear darkness because darkness doesn’t exist in its presence. Light doesn’t know darkness as long…


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The end never justifies the means. This idea is intellectually lazy, cowardly, self-justifying, and immoral. If the end you have in mind requires an unethical or immoral means to achieve it, then that end is unethical and immoral.


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Being treated differently is not the same as being treated inferiorly. Being treated differently celebrates different talents, different strengths – it celebrates our differences. If it feels like inferior treatment to you, it might be because you don’t appreciate your individuality and haven’t learned to celebrate your uniqueness and your individual abilities. It might be…

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