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It’s amazing how many ideas/beliefs/books/theories/dogmas/opinions are based upon facts that are out-of-date or that have been replaced or disproven. There is far too much permanence of ideas. Most ideas are so firmly established that even when an important building block is removed, the idea still stands. This happens in every aspect of life. As a…


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Imagine a president like this: He is the richest man ever to serve as US President. He didn’t earn this wealth; he was born into privilege and inherited his wealth from his father, who earned his wealth by breaking the law. After a last minute nomination in his own party’s convention, he was elected president…


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What’s the difference between light and darkness? You cannot shine darkness. Darkness cannot penetrate, it cannot drown out, it cannot overwhelm. You can only shine light. Light displaces darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist unless the light is covered. Light does not fear darkness because darkness doesn’t exist in its presence. Light doesn’t know darkness as long…


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The end never justifies the means. This idea is intellectually lazy, cowardly, self-justifying, and immoral. If the end you have in mind requires an unethical or immoral means to achieve it, then that end is unethical and immoral.


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Just because the other guy is wrong doesn’t mean that you are right. Being wrong is not a unique trait. Don’t worry about proving others wrong, worry about trying to prove yourself wrong. That’s real intellectualism. Assume that you’re the idiot – and try to to prove it! That’s the scientific method. Most people today…


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Being treated differently is not the same as being treated inferiorly. Being treated differently celebrates different talents, different strengths – it celebrates our differences. If it feels like inferior treatment to you, it might be because you don’t appreciate your individuality and haven’t learned to celebrate your uniqueness and your individual abilities. It might be…


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Animals live authentic lives. They are honest and without pretense. They live for the moment. They tend to their needs first and foremost, before taking care of others (if they even do). They live like there is no tomorrow. They eat every meal like it might be their last. They don’t worry about what others…


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Are you a bigot? Probably. If you’re like most people, your beliefs are unshakable, unquestionable, and probably wrong. You talk about being open-minded (a lot), but only when it comes to exploring new music or maybe new food. When it comes to religion, politics, economics, science, brand of bottled water – or most other beliefs…


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You can tell a lot about a community by its used bookstores. Its general views on religion, politics, and a thousand other issues are immediately available. Some stores are just romance novels and cheap pulp; others are full of pseudointellectual tomes that imagine unrealistic societies incompatible with human nature. College towns are long on theory and…

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